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The Human Instrumentality Podcast celebrates animated fiction from Japan - or, anime - that uses groundbreaking visual storytelling to tell unconventional and moving stories.

Season 2, now airing, tells the story of of beloved director Satoshi Kon, whose brief-but-brilliant oeuvre includes “Perfect Blue” and Paranoia Agent.” Kon’s psychedelic and psychological parade of images and characters celebrate the animated film tradition and critique the society that created it – and the fans that enable its existence. Hosts Ian Cory and Joseph Schafer cover Kon's entire career, from his humble beginnings as a background artist on "Akira" to his final cinematic dreamscape, "Paprika."

Season one, which finished in 2022, covered the animated television series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," unpacking its sometimes cryptic plot, and examining its unique place in pop culture history — it's so much more than a cartoon about teenagers and giant robots.

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