Paranoia Agent - Episodes 03 and 04 (Feat. STEVEM)


October 5th, 2022

2 hrs 5 mins 30 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

'Paranoia Agent' kicks into high gear with a pair of fan-favorite episodes. In "Double Lips," a young woman struggles with disassociation identity disorder whose two personalities couldn't be more different: one is a recently engaged academic, and the other is an enthusiastic sex worker. In "A Man's Path," a crooked cop with comic-fueled delusions of grandeur runs afoul of the mob. Each of their stories takes a dark turn when they find themselves on Shonen Bat's victim list.

In this edition of the podcast, Ian and Joseph are joined by YouTuber and animator STEVEM, whose channel is one of The Human Instrumentality Podcast's preferred sources for visual essays related to anime. His video 'The SATOSHI KON PROBLEM' was an inspiration for this season, and his insights into Kon's career helped illuminate the darkest corners of 'Paranoia Agent.' STEVEM also offers his perspective as an animator, including the back-(or hand-)breaking labor that makes anime possible but so often goes unrecognized by its fans.

Recap: 0:00
Introducing STEVEM - 9:50
Ep 03 Analysis - 32:28
Ep 04 Analysis - 1:18:16

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