Paranoia Agent - Episodes 05 and 06 (Feat. Langdon Hickman)


October 12th, 2022

1 hr 59 mins 48 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

The Shonen Bat investigation gets goofy in “The Holy Warrior” when its prime suspect turns out to be just as deluded as the Bat’s victims. Detectives Maniwa and Ikari find themselves at odds, not to mention adrift in a fantasy world, when they investigate a juvenile delinquent that can’t tell the difference between video games and real life.

Then, snap back to reality, ‘Paranoia Agent’ takes its darkest turn yet in one of its best episodes: “Fear of a Direct Hit.” While the detectives spin their wheels, a typhoon threatens to wash away their best witness – and reveal twisted secrets that Hirukawa and Sagi are still trying to hide. CW: Child abuse.

Ian and Joseph are joined by writer and podcaster Langdon Hickman (Death//Sentence, Treblezine, and more outlets than you can shake a stick at), who only leads them further into Kon’s labyrinth of madness. Hickman’s literary background and singular sense of humor help shine a light into the darker corners of Kon’s televised mystery.